A map of Canada inside a speech bubble.

Messages from the Mosaic is a digital exhibition about the languages of Canada. Using text, audio, and interactive elements, Messages explores the history, trends, and challenges surrounding Canada’s transforming language mosaic.

In this exhibition, you will learn about:

  • The history of Canadian languages from past to present
  • Canada's most spoken languages, Canada's fastest-growing languages, and what languages Canadians use at home and at work
  • Language loss, language recovery, and the future of Canada's languages


Curators: Mairead Murphy & Zhuohua Yang

Translation: Adèle Aubin, Alexandra de Paiva Guimaraes, Isabelle Lepage, Shannon Benigi-an Mulholland, Kim Poti; Special Thanks to Lyse Hébert.

Advisors: Elaine Gold, Canadian Language Museum; Matthew Brower, Camille Mary-Sharp and Rebecca Noone, Faculty of Information